Case Study

Devro Customer Story

We went from having six different countries operating different product development processes and governance models to everyone using the same platform and workflows. Now there are fewer emails sent back and forth, meetings are more focussed and more productive, and we all have the visibility into every project to make smarter decisions about which ones to pursue and which to let go.

In 2017, Devro successfully launched Fine Ultra. It was the first major new product the company brought to market supported by Workfront and new processes in product development. Since then, the company has moved beyond product development, optimising its process engineering and ability to capture finance capital requests, while ramping up for strategic project planning. The easily configurable Workfront dashboards provide game-changing visibility to prioritise work and resources, dramatically reducing the number of hours per week once-spent on manual reporting.


  • Complex projects with 6 offices around the world 
  • Needed more than just a product development tool
  • Company was moving toward a more customer-focused operating model


  • Unified 6 different countries into one workflow and enabled real-time global collaboration
  • Migrated product development to a single tool
  • Cut reporting preparation from 2 days to only 30 minutes

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