Execute with agility and advance digital transformation.


  • Globally dispersed marketing team
  • Disconnected marketing technology systems
  • Difficult to report on key performance indicators


  • Connecting a globally dispersed marketing team
  • Automating connections between business-critical systems in the martech stack including Salesforce, Eloqua, and JIRA
  • Streamlining workflows and processes to align strategy to delivery

Sage's marketing transformation story

Work management technology allows Sage to collaborate and integrate across divisions and keep teams productive on the right work.

Sage’s global marketing team of more than 550 people now have all work and its martech stack connected through Workfront.

Sage automated the connections between Workfront, its enterprise work management platform, and other critical marketing technologies such as Eloqua, Salesforce, and JIRA. As Paul, Sage’s VP of marketing operations, puts it, “making the data flow seamlessly across our tools means that people won't have to learn the individual point solutions, they can just go to Workfront and do everything they need to do there.”

This streamlined approach to marketing operations enables its marketing team to think about work differently, streamline intake, manage demand, and eliminate waste all while providing scalability within a global enterprise.
Workfront enables us to think about work differently; it allows us to step out of our comfort zone and try and innovate and optimise our processes in a way that we would not have thought possible before.
Paul Tasker
VP Marketing Operations

Executive leaders, like the CEO and CMO, can iteratively plan and prioritise with confidence.

From efficiently planning work to easily identifying a return on investment (ROI) through decisioning dashboards, company leaders appreciate having people, processes, and technology all in place, accomplishing more every day.

By making smarter decisions quicker using Workfront data, the Sage marketing team has earned a seat at the leadership table.
Workfront is a great work management platform where you can accept work requests, manage your work and report on outcomes. The customisation is just phenomenal!
Yvonne Miaoulis
Marketing Systems Support Manager

Technology built for people gives them room to thrive.

Using Workfront, Sage employees don’t have to learn several new tools to get their work done. The efficient processes they’ve built give them more time to focus on their daily work. As Yvonne Miaoulis, marketing systems support manager, says, “Instead of having all the work spread across various platforms, people have said that they feel like Workfront has helped them manage their work better and that they feel more organized and can collaborate better with other departments.”

With work management reporting and insights on that work, the team can also understand the ROI of marketing’s efforts. Today they are confident they are focused on the right priorities at the right time, whilst remaining agile to pivot quickly and re-prioritize projects easily across all 16 teams that make up the Sage marketing department.

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